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An Exhibition of recent paintings by Alok Uniyal

An Exhibition of recent paintings
Alok Uniyal

October 11 to November 14, 2013
11 am to 5 pm

Venue - Gallerie Ganesha
E-557, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi - 110048
Email: galleryganesha@gmail.com

E-557 Greater Kailash - II
New Delhi - 110048
Phone : 011-29217306, 011-29226043
Email: galleryganesha@gmail.com


Alok Uniyal

Born - 1970 (in Meerut U.P.)


  • 1993 M.A. Drawing & Painting (Meerut University)


  • 2001 9th All India Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow (U.P.)


Solo Show

  • 2010 Gallerie Ganesha,New Delhi.
  • 2009 Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi.
  • 2008 Gallerie Ganesha, New Delhi.
  • 2007 Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata

Group Shows

Participated in a number of Art Camps and several prestigious group shows including the India art Fair
Many private collections in India and abroad.


  • Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata
  • Sena Bhawan, Jamshedpur
  • U.P. State Lalit Kala Academy
  • USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vienna, Bangladesh, Germany and many Pvt. Collections in India & Abroad


  • Portrait in Supreme Court New Delhi


Going over the paintings Alok Uniyal has done during the years we are led to ponder the meaning of his latest works.

Artists, like everyone else, use their eyes, at the best of times they do so more lovingly. Such looking is no mere act of recognition, no convenient labeling to distinguish one object from another. A word may well supply an exact definition or hint at indescribable wonders and looking may be an act of convenience or the means of rapture. It all depends not on the eyes, but rather on the mind, and the will and the heart, yes, the whole spirit of a man.

Our eyes, allowing for defects, which can be adjusted, show us all the same world. It is for us to choose how we will direct them. It is clear remembering Uniyal's Kashmir, that he would rather look like all sensitive artist, out of the window watching a view for other kinds of messages whether from the changing light or the landscape, etc. The light and eyes are a means of a specific end. Seeing, as a mechanism is of course a miraculous affair of lenses and vibrations governed by exact laws for all men. But that greater miracle of individual perception just cannot be formulated or legislated or restricted. In this way there is no limit to the artistic vision or to an individual's artistic spirit. Since art or artistic vision are free, art making is an adventure beckoning artists to life's mystery and then on to the expression of mystery in paint, on canvas or any other material.

Uniyal puts no limits to his ability to achieve his heart's desire by sheer looking, a dispassionate but affectionate looking. His sense of adventure never fades nor does his eagerness dwindle. It appears that in Kashmir his goodwill directed his eyes for amassing an 'income' of delight. It was this intent look which he possesses in abundance that all artists cultivate. After all it is not the things we are forced to look at that matter, as much as the things we choose to look at.

This is how Uniyal has got right down to the anatomy of nature, a feel for its underlying structure, and the flow of living form. His works are no sketchy, hasty business. The human figure offers the artist an ideal means of developing his perception, as much as the qualities of the rhythmic movement. In Kashmir landscape this same task awaited him repeatedly. Still the subject he chooses from nature was of course a very personal matter. Thus we have his often blemish less in-scapes of a calm beauty.

-Keshav Malik