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After twenty five years of its existence the gallery can, with some measure of pride, take credit for achieving the above objectives and specially for having successfully promoted young artists - Paresh Maity and Neeraj Goswami who are now nationally recognised as artists of repute. There have been many others like Jayasri Burman, Sisir Sahana, Mohan Singh and Devdatta Padekar to name just a few. In the earlier years Shobha succeeded in creating the required awareness by providing a gallery atmosphere which was welcoming rather than intimidating. She has also been providing expert guidance to new customers who seek reliable advice which has become increasingly necessary since art has slowly become an area of investment for many corporates and individuals. Gallerie Ganesha continues to stand by the belief that art must touch the heart and please the eye. The gallery provides a platform and meeting ground for artists and art lovers alike where both benefit from the transactions.

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Creativity and talent have always been rewarded in time but I would like to bridge the time gap between creativity and recognition at least in the world of Art, through my gallery

says Shobha Bhatia - Director and founder of Gallerie Ganesha